I have been creating and altering spaces for as long as I can remember. From forts in the woods, always with designated areas for sleeping, lounging, and cooking to countless bedroom layouts that my parents never knew what to expect when opening the door, space is my thing.  But being the granddaughter and daughter of engineers, my creativity was not just conceptual;  I wanted to know how it could be built.

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As my creativity and understanding of the elements and principals of design grew through my years studying art and art history at The University of Vermont, so did my knowledge of how to build and achieve large scale projects involving construction skills. Fast forward 20 years and this knowledge of construction allows me to effectively communicate design plans to contractors, ensuring the result is what was originally intended. While studying at UVM,  I was also building a career as a soft-goods designer and working with interior design fabrics, which I immediately loved. The weight, the intricacy, the textures, I was finding a niche in the interior design world that excited me. The fabrics excited me so much that I started a hand bag business utilizing these amazing textiles in fun combinations with quality construction. East Hill was born. But I always knew there would be more in my story, and interior design was still calling me. I ended up answering the call in California where my now husband and I lived and worked for 5 years. During this time I worked for a firm doing design and project management on high profile jobs, while earning a degree in Interior Design. Now I had the experience and schooling I needed to head back East and start Allison Grace Design. Now a house, a husband, and 2 kids later, my dream of helping my community through thoughtful spaces has come true. 

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